Field Visit to Shai Osudoku District.

So on Tuesday and Wednesday, some colleagues and I made a field visit to the Shai Osudoku district (formerly part of Dangbe West) and visited some very interesting places; Dodowa, Asutuare, Natriku, Lubuse, Tokpo…The drive was long and bumpy (Ghana roads *sigh*) but the kids were amazing and we met some very earnest teachers who despite some appalling conditions really did everything they could for these children. I cannot wait until our lessons begin!

I also made a new best friend. His name is Kwesi Charles and he is in Primary 3. You’ll find him in the blue shirt with the orange vest underneath. Absolute legend. Some of the kids even performed for us at his school in Lubuse. Bless.

Some photos…

IMG_7270 IMG_7269 IMG_7268 IMG_7255 IMG_7249 IMG_7251 IMG_7252 IMG_7253 IMG_7243 IMG_7242 IMG_7240  IMG_7161 IMG_7191 IMG_7224 IMG_7236

Cape Coast…

IMG_7001 IMG_6988

Imagine sipping on some chapman (Savannah, Club or Star beer or whatever tickles your fancy), listening to some sweet hi-life music/reggae in the background, looking at the moon and stars shining in the pitch black sky whilst watching the tide come in and hearing it splash against the sand as it meets land…


Cape Coast is beautiful. Those who have been I dare you to disagree! It’s just so laid back, calm (even in their markets/towns), the colonial influence (on the architecture/townships etc) is still quite apparent and it’s steeped in history. Love it. As soon as you leave the hustle and bustle of Accra and enter the Central Region the vibe just changes. If you are ever in Ghana, you MUST make time for Cape Coast. No excuses.

IMG_7025 IMG_6966 IMG_6992

Sadly for the majority of the trip my phone battery was dead (good old iPhone -_-) but it wasn’t such a bad thing I guess because it really allowed me to just be present and really take it all in. Due to time constraints we only visited Elmina Castle and Cape Coast Castle as well as just touring the town and visiting the beach. The castles and history of the slaves were truly humbling. I  don’t really have many words to describe it. Definitely add it to your bucket list.

So where did I stay? The University of Cape Coast have some wonderful guest houses that are affordable and quite modern which was nice. They are also very safe which was my main concern as I’d heard some stories about other hotels in Cape. I stayed in the Sasakawa (sp?) Guest Houses and it cost 60-70 GHc though there are cheaper options e.g. The Institute of Education Chalets which were approx 55 Ghc and about 2 minutes away from the Sasakawa (sp?) Guest Houses on the campus.

I will definitely be visiting Cape Coast again soon. Like literally in a couple of weeks. I loved it that much so I will be sure to do all the touristy thangs and go to Kakum National Park etc…


P.S. This post is about two weeks overdue. Forgive me!