On Beauty.

Because she’s fabulous.

Love, Adjpants

My loves. This is the post that I started to write over a year ago and continuously lost my nerve. Today I read about Auntie Oprah’s epic faux pas and I thought, “the time is now.” In Oprah’s O Magazine, there was a fashion segment about crop tops. The line was “If (and only if) you have a flat stomach, feel free to wear a crop top.” This foolishment finally gave me the courage to share this post. Today we’re going to be talking about positive body image. It’s something that I’m passionate about, and something that’s very close to my heart.

It’s about to get REAL in here so I’ll give you a chance to settle in and get comfortable *sips tea* And we’re back. Like an alarming number of young girls, I grew up thinking that I was ugly. There, I said it. I was a shy and anxious kid, always…

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Accra is Gotham. Can it be Saved?

Mind of Malaka

In the Gotham allegory, Batman is the symbol of hope in a city that is so depraved and corrupt that the only way to root out that corruption is through violence. Batman doesn’t hold symposiums and forums encouraging city corrupt leaders and crime bosses to stop ruining the city by appealing to their more delicate sensibilities. He merely kicks ass, disappears and waits for the police to pick up the trash. There is no discussion.

Accra is really no different from Gotham. All of the elements that comprise of the fictional city exist in the metropolis that sits on the coast of the Atlantic. The same extremes in wealth and poverty, corruption, looting of government coffers, shady deals with nefarious characters, stabbings, raping, arson…they are engrained in this African city. The debauchery is so rife that you can smell it in the very air. Accra’s air is thick with smog…

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What Makes Ghanaians Such Abysmal Activists?

Mind of Malaka

When it comes to social change in Ghana, Ghanaians obey a strict set of rules and rarely deviate from the following process:

  1. Express shock and outrage about a particular event
  2. Talk about it on radio/Facebook/What’sApp/Twitter
  3. Deride anyone with an opposing opinion
  4. Wait for the next breaking news story to over shadow the aforementioned outrageous event
  5. Repeat

The whole process usually takes a week, two if you really press it. I look at this generation of “activists” – of which I cannot exclude myself from – and shake my head with dismay…for I know that if it was up to us, Ghana would still be in the bonds of colonial shackles. The brand of Ghanaian born today pales in comparison to those born eighty or more years ago. We have no stick-to-it-ness, no value of continuity, no vigor for any cause beyond the initial spark of outrage and shock. If we…

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Lazy Ghanaians PLEASE Stand Up!

My Nostalgia for the Future

Let’s say your name is Rajak. You are a member of a small community outside of Atebubu in the Brong Ahafo region. People there are largely herders and small farm workers. You finished SHS but you didn’t pass enough of your exams to warrant entry into university. Even if you had gone to university, you probably could not have afforded to attend. Let’s say that you find out about a chance to work with The National Youth Employment Program (NYEP) to act as a teaching assistant for some of the students in your very own village. These are people that you grew up with, your own sisters and brothers and you take some pride in what you are doing. Nevertheless, you have signed a contract that guarantees you a very moderate 95 GHC each month (I reiterate EACH MONTH). It’s not much, but it could go a long NYEway for you…

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Stop Building Schools Please. Thanks.

Articulates some of my thoughts perfectly!

My Nostalgia for the Future

This might sound mean…

Because almost 70% of SHS aged students do not go to SHS


We don’t need anymore people going to SHS.


You can’t possibly think that increasing the number of SHS’s in the country is going to… by pure osmosis… fix the issue of low achievement. PLUS… go to SHS and then what? To do what? Where? Education and the world of work are so intertwined… its like if Bonnie and Clyde were siamese twins. You cannot perpetuate one without also moving the other… and the economy is a clear indication that the world of work is slowly imploding on itself.

While policy reforms and interventions have improved access, a majority of pupils in primary schools fail to achieve proficiency. (source; UNICEF) While policy reforms and interventions have improved access, a majority of pupils in primary schools fail to achieve proficiency. (source; UNICEF)

Here is a graph that basically sums up the issue. In 2000, the world agreed to increase primary school enrollment. Ghana did that… but…

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